2019 Winter Recital Form

Please complete one form per student, to ensure each of your students gets a spot to play in our 2019 Winter Recital!

2019 Winter Recital Details:

  • Recital Date & Time: Saturday February 23, 12-5pm

  • Location: 3910 Lorcom Lane, Arlington, VA 22207

  • Dress Rehearsal Time: Friday February 22, 6-9pm (same location)

  • A Note about Performance Times: The program will be broken into a few sections with brief interludes between them. More specific dress rehearsal and performance times will be provided as we get closer to the recital date

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Student Name
The recital will be broken up into smaller groups of students in similar skill levels. Which group should this student be placed into?
What will the student need in order to perform? Please list everything needed (e.g., piano, guitar amp, etc.)
How else will the stage need to be setup to accommodate the student? (e.g., Will the student need a backing track played through a PA and stage monitor? Will you need to accompany the student on another instrument? If so, what will you need to accompany him/her? etc.?) Please list "none" if nothing else is needed.