2019 Summer Recital Form

Please complete one form per student, to ensure each of your students gets a spot to play in our 2019 Summer Recital!

Our summer and fall recitals are a bit different from our Annual Winter Recital. For starters, unlike our winter recital, the summer and fall recitals are not mandatory for students to participate in, and they are much more informal and relaxed in nature. At Arts & Minds Academy, we strongly believe in the intrinsic value of serving the communities we’re a part of, so we use our summer and fall recitals as a way to give back to the community by having our students perform for residents of local senior living homes! These recitals serve as a fun, lower-stress opportunity for students to show off what they’ve been learning since the winter, while also bringing a little joy and happiness to those around them! We hope you’ll be able to join us on July 20th for our summer recital at Brookdale Senior Living!

2019 Summer Recital Details:

  • Recital Date & Time: Saturday July 20, 11am-4pm

  • Location: Brookdale Senior Living, 3821 Wilson Blvd. Arlington VA 22203

  • A Note about Performance Times: More accurate information about performance timing will be provided closer to the event date.

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Student Name
The recital will be broken up into smaller groups of students in similar skill levels. Which group should this student be placed into?
Please plan for 2-3 minutes TOTAL of music to be played by each student.
What will the student need in order to perform? Please list everything needed (e.g., piano, guitar amp, etc.)
How else will the stage need to be setup to accommodate the student? (e.g., Will the student need a backing track played through a PA and stage monitor? Will you need to accompany the student on another instrument? If so, what will you need to accompany him/her? etc.?) Please list "none" if nothing else is needed.