Arts & Minds is Born!


This is Part 3 of our Arts & Minds Academy "origins story". If you haven't read Part 1 orPart 2  we recommend starting there first! 

Ok, without further adieu...let the story continue!


Our philosophy is built on the idea that as adults, we keep trying to fit kids into these boxes that we’ve created for aspiring musicians: e.g., if you want to play piano, you have to study Bach inventions, learn Fur Elise, graduate to Rachmaninoff and Beethoven Concertos, and wear a suit and tie at your recitals.

For a lot of kids, this means their parents have to be heavily involved in their musical journey because otherwise they won’t practice. In fact, some schools build their entire approach around parental involvement.

Arts & Minds Academy was born out of the belief that music should inspire us. It should pull us, and become our muse. It should ignite a passion, something we can’t stop thinking about. For some students that means a solo performance playing Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff. But for many others it means something else, and admittedly, there aren't many options for these students to explore their passion.

That's me (David), today, prepping for a set...

That's me (David), today, prepping for a set...

So we built Arts & Minds Academy around these core principles - play what you love, and play with others - to help our students "catch the bug" and fall in love with music so they'll begin a lifelong relationship with their instruments. That doesn’t mean it will always be easy. In fact, there are times when it will get really tough. But at least we will have allowed our students to experience the joy of music first, to draw them in.