In Home Private Music Lessons in Arlington


Arts & Minds Academy provides in-home music lessons to families throughout Arlington, VA. Our passion for music, love for teaching, and decades of experience inspired us to create a new kind of music school that focuses on helping our students develop a passion for music, instead of just forcing students through a strict curriculum or method.

Our Four Pillars guide everything that we do and make up our core strategy for revolutionizing music education:

  • Inspire students by teaching them to play the music they love

  • Join them with other students who share that passion so that they can create music together

  • Use music education as a platform to develop the whole child and teach values like teamwork, respect, organization, and leadership

  • Teach at our students’ convenience, in the comfort of their own home

Cute little child girl in sunglasses playing guitar at home

We believe that by focusing first and foremost on getting our students excited about music, we are creating the strongest possible foundation for their learning.

We build on this by connecting our students with other musicians that they can create with to ignite their passion and help them develop a lifelong relationship with their instrument. And we have a team of the best and brightest music teachers to provide the best possible music education to students of all ages and keep them engaged throughout their lessons.


Arlington’s Choice for In Home Music Lessons



At Arts & Minds Academy, we believe that music should be accessible to every child. We provide Arlington music lessons in your home so that we can bring the gift of music to you. With our instructors taking care of all the driving and working with your availability, we remove all the barriers to learning an instrument.

The best part? You can get started today with no-risk. Just claim your risk-free lesson, and we’ll send one of our passionate instructors to give your child their first private lesson. If you don’t have an awesome experience, you don’t pay a dime. You’re under no obligation to us.


Music Lessons for All Skill Levels

Artistic little girl singing in the room

Singing Lessons

We are fortunate to have some incredibly talented vocalists on our team who can teach students using a variety of methods and styles.

Whether it’s performing in a choir or developing the skills to be a superstar soloist, our instructors have the vocal experience and passion for helping refine those skills.

Best of all, they make the whole process fun for their students. By focusing on the styles and genres that they enjoy the most, we can sharpen their skill set while fostering a lifelong passion for the art.  

Cute pupil singing and playing guitar in a classroom

Guitar Lessons

Over its estimated 4000 years of existence in many forms, the guitar has been a staple instrument that's evolved through every musical revolution. Whether your child is drawn to the classical or the modern, guitar lessons provide an avenue to explore music through one of its most timeless instruments.

Our guitar instructors have a unique ability to reach their students by focusing on the music that they love to play. Whether it’s rock, pop, jazz, or anything in-between, we have a teacher that’s the perfect fit.  

Happy smiling girl,learning to play the Bass guitar

Bass Lessons

Bassists are critical to driving the harmony and rhythm of music and giving it something that can be both heard and felt. Our in-home bass teachers work with students to help them appreciate the powerful influence the bass guitar has on music, and harness it to express themselves through it.

Because the bass is often a supporting instrument, one of the biggest impacts our bass guitar teachers have is helping to shape their students’ understanding of how it integrates with and influences other instruments, while teaching them the value of teamwork in the process.

Man behind drums on a rehearsal

Drum Lessons

Our drum teachers are some of the best in the business. Plus, their extensive gigging backgrounds have given them the expertise to teach students practical skills with real-world applications.

But more than that, they have a passion for making drumming fun. With personalities and teaching styles that compliment the instrument’s energetic nature, our drum teachers show their students what drumming – and having fun – is all about.

Piano Lessons Arlington, VA.jpg

Piano Lessons

Not all students are inspired by the classics. Many students are drawn to the influence of rock-and-roll, jazz or the blues. Pianists come in many forms, from the white-gloved concert pianist to Pink Floyd’s keyboard player, it’s an instrument that is cherished by many people with many musical tastes. We teach students to embrace their own style and use the piano to create music that inspires them.

Our piano teachers leverage their expertise to create lesson plans that teach the essential skills while allowing the student to play music that makes them smile.


Arlington Music Teachers who Make a Difference

Every single one of our music teachers goes through a rigorous application process before they join our team. Once we’re convinced a teacher can provide the kind of engaging, comprehensive music lessons we believe every student deserves, he or she undergoes a rigorous background check that searches the databases of more than 22 organizations and government agencies as well as offender registries from all 50 states.

Schedule a Risk-Free Lesson Today

If you’re ready to bring the joy of music into your home, you can get started with a risk-free trial today. Whether you or your child is interested in singing, guitar, bass, drums, or piano, we’ll send you one of our expert instructors to teach the very first lesson with zero-risk and zero-obligation.

We are so confident in our staff’s ability to make learning music an exciting and enjoyable experience; we won’t charge you a single dollar if you don’t feel like we’ve made a connection. Give us a call or contact us if you’d like to schedule your trial or have any questions about our program.


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