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We're Looking for Awesome Teachers

Our mission is to help our students develop a passion for music and a lifelong relationship with their instrument. We want to learn about our students, find out what makes them "tick", and then make the learning process fun and engaging for them. If that mission sounds exciting to you, then setup a one-on-one interview with us today.


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Our Founder David's Story

I started taking piano lessons when I was about 6 years old. I was a quick study, and moved through the basics fast. I plowed through the standard classical repertoire all the way through to my senior year in high school and my family pushed me to pursue music because they saw I had talent. 

7-year-old me and my teacher Sal

7-year-old me and my teacher Sal

But truth be told I really didn't like playing classical piano -- even though I was good at it. I also hated the pressure and perfectionism of getting on stage and performing in front of crowds. 

During this time in my life, I saw playing the piano as an obligation -- something I was forced to do. There was no joy or passion, it was just a chore. And I swore to myself that as soon as I left home and went off to college, I would never play again. 

Our vision for Arts & Minds Academy was born out of this experience. Want to read more about how we started? Read part two and part three of our "origins story" on the Arts & Minds Academy blog!


Benefits of Working with Arts & Minds Academy

  1. It's a great part-time gig + you manage your own time. You make your own schedule of when you'd be willing to teach, and we'll send you students that fit that schedule. You're never "forced" to take on a student that doesn't fit well with your calendar. Just want to take a few students on after work? No problem!
  2. Your students are close by. All lessons are conducted in our student's homes, within a reasonable distance from your preferred location. Just let us know how far you're wiling to drive and we'll make it happen!
  3. You'll earn well above the market rate, and that's by design. We believe in only hiring the absolute best teachers, and as a result we believe they deserve to get paid better too! That's because when our teachers are happy, we believe our students will be happy too!  
  4. There are no exclusivity clauses. You can teach with us and still teach with other schools as well.
  5. We have an awesome culture -- seriously! We're family-owned and operated, and we love to have fun. And we believe in giving our teachers the freedom to teach according to their own style and gifts.
  6. Continuous learning is important to us. We help our teachers continue to grow by offering meaningful opportunities for training and education.