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Teaching music is our passion. Why choose a music school that teaches a rigid, cookie-cutter method when you could hire teachers whose sole purpose and mission in life is to help kids get excited about music?

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Why We're Different

We believe music should be fun, not a chore. There are many strategies we use to keep our students excited and wanting to learn more. Here are a few we swear by:

  1. Inspire students by teaching them to play the music they love. We weave songs into our lessons that will resonate with our students' musical tastes.

  2. Hire only the most talented, experienced, and engaging teachers. We only hire similarly-minded teachers who share our conviction that overly-rigid music lessons suck the joy out of learning.

  3. Use fun, creative ways to convey musical concepts. Many of our teachers use games and other creative approaches for reinforcing concepts like sight-reading, rhythm math, and dynamics to keep things fun.

  4. Provide joint lessons so our students can create music together. Most musicians "catch the music bug" when they start playing music together with others. So we build this into our approach!

If this sounds like a fit, you can try us risk-free without any obligation. Just fill out the form to the right and we'll setup a free trial lesson for you with one of our awesome teachers. If you don't like the lesson, it doesn’t matter -- you didn’t pay a dime, and you're under no obligation to us!






The Old Method

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Our Method

Our "Big Idea" is Simple

Playing the music you love makes learning a joy rather than a chore. More importantly, when you play with other musicians something magical happens - you start to "catch the bug" and begin developing a passion that serves as a launchpad for the rest of your learning and development. Our goal is to help your kids ignite their passion for music and unleash their inner artist!


Not Every Student Responds to the Traditional Method

Many schools try to fit students into a particular "box" that has been created for aspiring musicians. It goes something like this: If you want to learn piano you have to study Bach inventions, learn Fur Elise, and you eventually graduate to Beethoven Concertos. A lot of schools use this method and rely on parents to be heavily involved in their child's musical journey (aka. to make sure they practice). For some students (and parents) this works, but for others it can make music a chore.


So We Created an "Outside the Box" Approach

Not every student is the same. Some kids love playing Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff as soloists. Others may not be inspired by the classics, but still want to learn an instrument, and the idea of playing in a band excites them. We built Arts & Minds Academy to meet these young learners where they are, help them fall in love with music, and begin a lifelong relationship with their instruments! We believe music should inspire and ignite a passion, so we built our approach as another pathway to musicianship!

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